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Drainage studies are needed for the design of highway and railroad structures, for housing developments, and for construction projects in floodplains.

BSE engineers are experienced with the unique water resources aspects of mining, power generation, and waste management facilities, both within the United States and overseas.

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BSE has a thorough knowledge of the National Flood Insurance Program regulations and has experience obtaining permits for projects in FEMA designated floodplains, particularly for bridge replacement projects.

We focus on the impact projects will have on the surrounding floodplain. This is particularly true if the site is located in a FEMA designated floodway or if base flood elevations exist for the floodplain.

We have extensive experience in the full range of hydrologic and hydraulic analyses associated with dam safety evaluations and designs.

Bridge location surveys are required when existing structures are either undersized or deteriorating and need to be repaired or replaced.

In a matter of minutes, drones can collect aerial photos capable of producing highly detailed digital terrain models of the project site. This terrain data can be used in two-dimensional hydraulic models to analyze complex flow scenarios.

Bridge & Stream has experience comparing observed rainfall amounts to nearby rain gauge data and to rainfall frequency maps to estimate the frequency of the storm. 

Channel stability issues can affect the performance of drainage structures and the conveyance capacities of channels.

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