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Value-Added Services

Commission Only 2D Hydraulic Reviews of Bridge Replacements

Identifies bridge construction cost savings using advanced H&H analyses

Commission Only 2D Hydraulic Reviews.jpg
Permit Pre-Screening of Program Work

Identifies permitting triggers for projects to reliably schedule program work

Permit Pre-Screening of Program Work.jpg
Desktop Assessment/Selection of Structures Program

Helps identify/prioritize program work
to meet program budget

Desktop AssessmentSelection of Structures Program.jpg
Desktop Culvert Replacement Sizing and Layout

Economical and reliable identification of
sizing/layout of replacement culverts

Desktop Culvert Replacement Sizing and Layout.jpg
Public Project Drainage Review and Program Management

Drainage expertise to help ensure railroad
infrastructure is protected

Public Project Drainage Reviews.jpg
Bridge ‘Pipe and Fill’ Desktop Sizing

Economical and reliable determination
if bridge can be filled on a culvert 

Bridge 'Pipe and Fill' Desktop Sizing.jpg
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